Monday, June 24, 2013

Elder Dixson is now a missionary in the new Peru Huancayo Mission!

We just found out in Elder Dixson's email today that he will now be in the brand new Peru Huancayo Mission.  He will have a new mission president, but he will stay in his current area.  The Huancayo area where he is at now, was part of the Peru Lima East Mission that he was originally called to serve in. 

Hey Ma! Sorry I don’t have a whole lot of time! Yep! I stayed in Huancayo! Not happy or sad! I didn’t really know what I wanted! haha But I will have more cool Peru experiences here I think. Still in Manti for at least 5 more weeks with Elder Gurumendi.  Don’t worry about the package till I know the address of the new mission! Today we had a conference with President Ardila and his family for the last time. It was pretty sad. De verdad Hermana Ardila reminds me a ton of you mom and I got a little emotional when we said our last goodbyes cuz it made me think of the airport again and saying bye to the family again. It was tough! She shared this scripture read it and see if it helps. Moroni ch 8 vs 2 and 3. Take care of Annie and the rest of the fam! Have fun! Love you so much! Zach
Hey Dad, for the broadcast, the whole system was down. I did see a little part of it though. Members are huge!!!!!!!! And there is no better or more important work than that of a missionary. I know it’s different here but most of our success comes from members and missionaries visiting less active families. Because when a LA family re activates almost always there is a child who hasn’t been baptized or a cousin who the elders can teach. It’s gold. Also, family members of recent converts, half of our baptisms have been from one recent convert. All people love their families and when they know it’s true and can bless the lives of their families it’s powerful. References from recent converts are gold too. Give it a try and visit a less active fam with the elders. Well, I love being a missionary!!!!!!!!!!! Have fun being one at home! I love you and miss you a ton papi! Love Zach

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