Monday, July 1, 2013

"Oh how it is true and I love it with all my heart."

Here are some parts of the emails we received from Elder Dixson today.

The story with the 2 elderly people is quite amazing. This week was the 2nd time that the day before the baptism they cancelled. They are old and I love them. So when they cancelled my district leader came by and also my comp talked with them for like an hour but nothing happened. And you guys know I'm kind of a direct simple dude. So I just straight up told them, hey stop going to your church, go to our church every Sunday and hop in the water! And after I said that they were like ok. haha Its just a testimony that I am where I need to be. God knows my personality. During the baptismal service they both cried and said how much they felt the spirit and know this church is true. And oh how it is true and I love it with all my heart.
 Hey Ma!
I can only imagine how busy it is there. Keep on keepin on! I still haven't got the chance to meet the new president but I know his wife doesn't speak Spanish.  The tummy is good! I think I'm almost 100 percent now! I had to tell my pension to just give me about half the rice so I can actually finish the meals. Its cold but not too bad. Just pray I don't get sent to Cerro Depasco! I'll go where the lord needs me!!!!!!!!! Love you mom!
If you could send rechargeable batteries with the charger that would be great. And ya nothin else! Tell Kenz and Brit I love them! I love you and miss you so much!
Hey boss!

Its good to hear about the desire for missionary work. There is no better work! Read in ch1 of Preach My Gospel in the part where the title is a successful missionary. Teach them how Jesus was baptized in matt 3 13 thru 16 and tell them how we have to follow his example or get the missionaries to do it.  I'm glad to hear everyone is doing well. We have so many blessings man its ridiculous. I love you a whole bunch dad and I hope everything goes well in the ward and the family, everything is getting a lot easier for me here and I'm sure its because of all the prayers. Thank you so much, I love you!

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