Monday, June 17, 2013

Yo I’m on a misión, how dope is that? May 27, 2013 Huancayo, Peru

Hola familia!
How are you all? Thanks for all your emails! I am just dandy swell here in Huancayo Peru. I am feeling a lot better and am able to eat again. I love eating. I miss American and Mexican food so much, a lot of soup and rice here. My 2 favorite things haha. I’ve only thrown up 3 times since I’ve been here so it’s not too bad. Wow some great news Dalyn!  That’s my boy d money. They eat a lot of meat there so I’m sure he will come back yoked. Ha ha and I’ll be the twig. And congrats to all the graduates! And Sidney! I don’t know the dude but I wish them the best! So last Saturday we had 2 baptisms! It was great! Baptizing the 16 year old Melanie brought back those feelings of my own baptism. Peace and happiness and the holy ghost verifying the truthfulness and importance and sacredness of this ordinance. I’ll try to send pics! haha so at least once a day I get shouts from random Peruvians . The most common are DIABLOS! or Gringos! or mormones! haha its funny but a Little scary too. The dog dazer has saved my life at least a million times. haha my comp loves it!  2 days ago we had a baptism for a 10 year old planned and everything was set. We were going over to her house that day for her interview when her mom stopped us and said that she and the girl didn’t want it anymore. Pretty frustrating. on the mission there are a lot of frustrating things that happen. Yesterday I was a little down but then I thought, yo I’m on a misión, how dope is that?  All of my investigators are so flaky! But I also love them more than anything. I am so grateful for all of your prayers for me. I can feel them, thanks a bunch! But also please add my investigators in your prayers, they need them more than I do. I love you all a ton! Make good choices!
Elder Dixson

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