Monday, June 17, 2013

Emails from 6-10-13

We usually get a few emails from Elder Dixson each week on P-day.  One for everyone on the blog and usually personal emails to mom, dad, brother and sister, etc...  This week mom and dad each got a personal email but there wasn't a specific one for the blog.  I pieced together parts of his personal email to us and posted it here for everyone to read. 


It’s been a busy week for me too, lots of disappointments from investigators. And I got a little sick. I’m better now though, don’t worry. So elder Torres left! He went to Lima. Super weird after only 4 weeks.  My new comp is Elder Garamendi from Equador. He doesn’t speak English at all but he is great, a good missionary. I miss Elder Torres though, he is awesome. Ya that’s cool with the package the mission splits the 19th of this month so I’ll let you know. It’s getting pretty cold here and rainy too but my coat works well.

My daily routine is,

 wake up

get ready

go to pensionista for bf, usually eat a little bread with hot milk and maybe yogurt

go back and study and train


lunch potatoes chicken and a butt load of rice


dinner, hot milk and a little something like fried eggs and rice


work out


Sat is a little different cuz in the afternoons we have baptisms and I teach classes of English in the church to bring investigators. We mostly walk every once in a while we will take something called a comvi. It’s like a minivan but they stuff like 20 people in it haha, not exaggerating.

I’m getting pretty skinny cuz I’m throwing up a lot cuz I’m getting used to the food. Man I’ve really realized how much I love my family out here. I just miss you guys so much. I’ve  learned that chillin watching an ASU game with pizza and soda and you and Blake is basically like heaven. But I’m lovin’ working out here.  I’m looking forward to those days again but not too much.

Love,  Elder Dixson

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