Monday, July 1, 2013

Pictures from Manti area of Peru in the Peru Huancayo Mission

"Oh how it is true and I love it with all my heart."

Here are some parts of the emails we received from Elder Dixson today.

The story with the 2 elderly people is quite amazing. This week was the 2nd time that the day before the baptism they cancelled. They are old and I love them. So when they cancelled my district leader came by and also my comp talked with them for like an hour but nothing happened. And you guys know I'm kind of a direct simple dude. So I just straight up told them, hey stop going to your church, go to our church every Sunday and hop in the water! And after I said that they were like ok. haha Its just a testimony that I am where I need to be. God knows my personality. During the baptismal service they both cried and said how much they felt the spirit and know this church is true. And oh how it is true and I love it with all my heart.
 Hey Ma!
I can only imagine how busy it is there. Keep on keepin on! I still haven't got the chance to meet the new president but I know his wife doesn't speak Spanish.  The tummy is good! I think I'm almost 100 percent now! I had to tell my pension to just give me about half the rice so I can actually finish the meals. Its cold but not too bad. Just pray I don't get sent to Cerro Depasco! I'll go where the lord needs me!!!!!!!!! Love you mom!
If you could send rechargeable batteries with the charger that would be great. And ya nothin else! Tell Kenz and Brit I love them! I love you and miss you so much!
Hey boss!

Its good to hear about the desire for missionary work. There is no better work! Read in ch1 of Preach My Gospel in the part where the title is a successful missionary. Teach them how Jesus was baptized in matt 3 13 thru 16 and tell them how we have to follow his example or get the missionaries to do it.  I'm glad to hear everyone is doing well. We have so many blessings man its ridiculous. I love you a whole bunch dad and I hope everything goes well in the ward and the family, everything is getting a lot easier for me here and I'm sure its because of all the prayers. Thank you so much, I love you!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Elder Dixson is now a missionary in the new Peru Huancayo Mission!

We just found out in Elder Dixson's email today that he will now be in the brand new Peru Huancayo Mission.  He will have a new mission president, but he will stay in his current area.  The Huancayo area where he is at now, was part of the Peru Lima East Mission that he was originally called to serve in. 

Hey Ma! Sorry I don’t have a whole lot of time! Yep! I stayed in Huancayo! Not happy or sad! I didn’t really know what I wanted! haha But I will have more cool Peru experiences here I think. Still in Manti for at least 5 more weeks with Elder Gurumendi.  Don’t worry about the package till I know the address of the new mission! Today we had a conference with President Ardila and his family for the last time. It was pretty sad. De verdad Hermana Ardila reminds me a ton of you mom and I got a little emotional when we said our last goodbyes cuz it made me think of the airport again and saying bye to the family again. It was tough! She shared this scripture read it and see if it helps. Moroni ch 8 vs 2 and 3. Take care of Annie and the rest of the fam! Have fun! Love you so much! Zach
Hey Dad, for the broadcast, the whole system was down. I did see a little part of it though. Members are huge!!!!!!!! And there is no better or more important work than that of a missionary. I know it’s different here but most of our success comes from members and missionaries visiting less active families. Because when a LA family re activates almost always there is a child who hasn’t been baptized or a cousin who the elders can teach. It’s gold. Also, family members of recent converts, half of our baptisms have been from one recent convert. All people love their families and when they know it’s true and can bless the lives of their families it’s powerful. References from recent converts are gold too. Give it a try and visit a less active fam with the elders. Well, I love being a missionary!!!!!!!!!!! Have fun being one at home! I love you and miss you a ton papi! Love Zach

Monday, June 17, 2013

For real I had sheep intestines on Friday

We didn't receive a specific letter for everyone on the blog again today, but I will share parts of the letters Elder Dixson sent to his dad and I.  We are praying for his stomach to tolerate the food a bit better!

Letters from June 17, 2013
Hey mom!
Haha don’t worry so much about my health! I’m totally fine, little by little my stomach is getting used to it. Thx for not telling me about the lovely American food, dad already did, punk haha jk. But no for real I had sheep intestines on Friday and Sunday I had cow stomach. The sheep intestines were the nastiest things in the universe!!!!! Just the smell made me gag so hard. The cow stomach was easier to tolerate but still way gross. I’m warm enough and tonight I’ll find out if I stay or go. Some Elders are saying for sure I’m probably going to Lima, and others say probably not. The reason is cuz they started Elder Gurumendi here 2 weeks early to learn the area cuz they knew they wanted me in Lima cuz im awesome haha. But we will see. There’s a McDonalds in Lima so you know what I’m hoping for haha. I’m super pumped about Jake and a little jealous cuz Iquitos is all jungle. Kind of not jealous too cuz I’m not a big fan of mosquitoes and snakes. Tons of mosquitoes there!!!! There is a rule that we can’t use parents credit card unless we get direct permission from the pres. But no te preocupes I got everything I need. All I really need is a song in my heart, food in my belly, and love in my family! Tell my sisters I love them lots! I love you!
Con mucho amor,
Hey dad!
The stomach seems to constantly be an issue, but it hasn’t really affected my ability to work yet. I haven’t vomited this week so poco a poco I seem to be getting used to the food. Man just thinking about that American food makes my mouth water haha.  But I’m surviving haha.  My Spanish is pretty solid. I understand almost everything. Every once in a while I have to say sorry cuz I don’t understand a key word in a sentence but other than that I can teach and respond super well. I am way grateful for God’s help in that! haha pobrecita. Peru is great. The people are wonderful and I couldn’t be happier. It’s going by way fast though. Take care of the fam. I love you a ton papi. Oh and Happy Father’s day!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry it’s only like the 2nd time I’ve thought about it. But you know how much i love you man. You are seriously the best dad in the world. I’m so grateful for all you have done for me. I love you so much! Elder Zach Dixson



Emails from 6-10-13

We usually get a few emails from Elder Dixson each week on P-day.  One for everyone on the blog and usually personal emails to mom, dad, brother and sister, etc...  This week mom and dad each got a personal email but there wasn't a specific one for the blog.  I pieced together parts of his personal email to us and posted it here for everyone to read. 


It’s been a busy week for me too, lots of disappointments from investigators. And I got a little sick. I’m better now though, don’t worry. So elder Torres left! He went to Lima. Super weird after only 4 weeks.  My new comp is Elder Garamendi from Equador. He doesn’t speak English at all but he is great, a good missionary. I miss Elder Torres though, he is awesome. Ya that’s cool with the package the mission splits the 19th of this month so I’ll let you know. It’s getting pretty cold here and rainy too but my coat works well.

My daily routine is,

 wake up

get ready

go to pensionista for bf, usually eat a little bread with hot milk and maybe yogurt

go back and study and train


lunch potatoes chicken and a butt load of rice


dinner, hot milk and a little something like fried eggs and rice


work out


Sat is a little different cuz in the afternoons we have baptisms and I teach classes of English in the church to bring investigators. We mostly walk every once in a while we will take something called a comvi. It’s like a minivan but they stuff like 20 people in it haha, not exaggerating.

I’m getting pretty skinny cuz I’m throwing up a lot cuz I’m getting used to the food. Man I’ve really realized how much I love my family out here. I just miss you guys so much. I’ve  learned that chillin watching an ASU game with pizza and soda and you and Blake is basically like heaven. But I’m lovin’ working out here.  I’m looking forward to those days again but not too much.

Love,  Elder Dixson

Elder Dixson baptism in Huancayo - June 2013

Life is great here in Huancayo! letter from 6-3-13

Hey fam!

Life is great here in Huancayo! El Tambo to be more specific mom.  So we ate pucha manka yesterday which is meat and potatoes and like sweet tamales cooked on the ground by hot rocks. Way cool and we didn’t eat rice!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1st meal sin rice since I’ve been here haha. Outa time darn it. I’ll say more cool stuff next week. Love yall!