Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Second Letter From Elder Dixson - April 2, 2013 "Latinos are the most loving people in the world."

Hola guys!!!! Oh man I have been looking forward to hearing from you all week! Yes my p days are martes or Tuesday and I’m pumped to go to the temple today! The mtc is nothing like I thought it would be for sure. The first few days were loooonnnngggg and Blake was right though they were boring. I was still having a blast though because the brotherhood is ridiculously strong here. It’s crazy how many awesome dudes I mean elders are here. Pretty much it’s just the guys from the plane from LA airport that are the new Norte Americanos here. We can’t call ourselves just Americanos here because most of the Latinos here are from south or central America and they will get offended haha. I cannot even tell you how amazing the Latinos are. They come for dos semanas (2 weeks) and then to their mission. It’s probably half and half for Latinos and North Americans here. Latinos are the most loving people in the world. They just love you so much! The elders and the teachers. I can’t even begin to tell you how Christlike they are. I pretty much have to speak Spanish and think in Spanish all day here because nobody speaks English hahahah. Not even the teachers. They speak real slow so that we can hopefully get the important parts of what they are saying but they barely speak íngles so it’s tough but I feel like I’m learning fast. Anyways there are 6 elders per dorm - 4 English speaking and 2 Latinos. 1 of the Latinos in our dorm speaks a little English so he helps us a lot. I love that guy, Elder Supelano. There is not much space in the rooms but it’s enough. I think there are 6 or 8 American sisters here, not many and I don’t have any in my district. Oh by the way, the day after we got here so Thursday night the mission president called me in and asked if I would be district leader. It’s not much fun but haha my distict is so cool. Chevere haha is what the Latinos say. Elder Hamblin is in my district and he is great. Elder Norton is my zone leader and we have a lot of fun together. So the food.......... wow. I loved it at first. Every lunch and dinner consisted of a soup, usually with noodles or beef of some kind in it, a dish with meat and rice, and then a random side of some Peruvian thing. It’s super authentic here. And then like flan or helado. But then I got sick...... real sick. hahaha if you want details ask my mom I’ll tell her. It’s ok because pretty much all the North American Elders here got sick but I got it way bad! Two elders in my district gave me a blessing though and the next morning I felt a lot better. The power of the priesthood man, it’s crazy. Everything is great though! I’m lovin it! Oh and the president told us all that the rule changed universally and friends and everyone can email! So ya put it on this blog and email me! 
Love yalll!!!!!

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