Monday, April 1, 2013

Flying to the Peru MTC

On Wednesday Zach flew to the Peru MTC.  Dave and I cried like big babies:)  We are so happy and excited for him at the same time.  We got a letter from him the next morning.  He is doing great and is happy to be there!  We love him and miss him so much!

March 28, 2013-First Email

Hola Familia!

They are giving us 5 minutes here during registration to write our families real quick.  I took some pics of my companion and dorm mates and the CCM so hopefully I will be able to figure out how to get them to you!  My companion is Elder H.  I can tell that he will obey all the rules and keep me doing the same.  He is a great guy.  Many of the elders here are Latinos but right now it’s mostly gringo missionaries.  It was crazy how many missionaries were on the same flight to Peru from LA and then there were a ton of elders who had to go to Provo because of their visa but then flew here yesterday.  It’s weird all of these guys are so nice and there are a ton of good missionaries.  I haven’t met a questionable one yet!  It’s crazy here because most of the supervisors and assistants telling us what to do right now barely speak any English!  At breakfast this morning there was cheerios and toast.  They had papaya juice that was really good but all of their drinks were warm :{ haha the milk the water too.  I’ll get used to it! Well I love you guys a bunch and I miss you!

Elder Dixson

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