Wednesday, April 10, 2013

“I couldn’t hold back tears because I had just seen the Lord save a young missionary through me and my priesthood.”

Hola Guys!

Oh man I love you and miss you all so much!  I am very happy to say that I’m done being sick!  I guess your body just adjusts to the food or something, cuz I just ate nothing but beef jerky and trail mix for 3 days straight and now I’m ok back to eating a ton like usual haha.  Ya so conference was amazzzzzzing!!!!!  I hope you all, family and friends, can catch that missionary wave that Elder Nelson was talking about and half the other General Authorities were too. Each day I feel like is getting better than the one before.  I’m learning a ton but Spanish is super frustrating!
Ok so I have a story that is 100% true and is probably the most spiritual experience of my life.  If you are feeling like you maybe need a little more faith in your life (we all do), or maybe you don’t even believe in this church, I hope this can touch your heart and help you feel the Holy Ghost.  I know you will feel the spirit while reading this and I invite you to pray to God and ask him about that feeling.  So also I want you to know that this is why I am sharing this experience with you, not so I can look good or righteous or anything, but so you can have a better testimony of this true gospel.  So here it goes.... me and my comp were going to go do some planning inside the class room when another Elder said, hey it’s nice outside you should go plan out there.  So we did and the President and his wife were out there looking as stressed as could be.  President Cardon was yelling into his phone in Spanish and the only word I could pick out was ambulancia! Apparently my comp is an EMT, some doctor or something, so he told them and she led us into a room where a latino was lying down with 2 teachers and he was having trouble breathing.  So my comp was working with him and all of a sudden his breathing was getting less and less.  I saw his eyes roll back in his head and he totally stopped breathing.  I started to cry because I thought I had just witnessed someone die right in front of me. Then I hear "Elder Dixson he needs a blessing now!" so I run over there and anoint him with the oil say the blessing.  I promise you as soon as I said "amen" he GASPED in air and woke up and started coughing and breathing again.  I couldn’t hold back tears because I had just seen the Lord save a young missionary through me and my priesthood. The ambulance came and he was ok.  I have never known that the church is more [true] than I do now because of this experience.  I know that the priesthood that Joseph Smith got from God is true and it works.  He passed it down to worthy men until my father got it.  He passed it to me and it blesses people.  It saves lives.  Again it wasn’t me that helped that Elder, it was God through my priesthood.  Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus Christ.  God loves his children and His restored gospel is true.  I bear my testimony of that in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.  I didn’t think I’d have crazy stuff like that happen to me yet, but I’m so grateful for it.  Anyways, I love you all so much and I love hearing from you.  Email me!!!!!!  Elder Dixson

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