Monday, May 6, 2013

I am going to Mantaro which apparently is the 2nd highest mission in all of Peru!

Zach is out in the field as of Sunday! He sent us a few emails today FYI: His mailing address is now the mission home address.
Elder Zachary Wayne Dixson
Peru Lima East Mission
Calle Los Agrologos 368
Urbanizacion Las Acacias De Monterrico
La Molina, Lima 12

Hey mom!
So right now I just left a hotel to some place that has internet. I’m still like right next to the mtc cuz the mission home is right next to it. Today and yesterday we had training with president Ardila and his wife. They are the nicest people on this earth! So don’t worry about me I will be well taken care of, unless I leave the PLE mission to the Huancayo mission which at this point is very possible. In the training they told us our area and what it’s like and our new companions name with a picture. I am going to Mantaro which apparently is the 2nd highest mission in all of Peru! A little cooler there and in 12 weeks it will be part of the Huancayo mission. Tomorrow I’m taking a 7 hour bus ride there and meeting my companion. His name is Elder Torrez. Oh boy! Its supposed to be like 12 thousand feet up or something! I’m so pumped! Also, on Wednesday sometime I will be calling to coordinate my call or skype time with you guys. Can’t wait. So it could be at any time of the day on Wednesday and only for 3 mins. Ok I love you and miss you a ton! I’ll talk to you soon!
Elder Dixson
Oh by the way my president doesn't want me emailing anyone but family so put my mission home address on the blog plz! It's the Agrologos one.  Love ya!

Oh ya! And I couldn’t remember if Baylor was called to the Chiclayo mission or the Huancayo mission. Cuz if its Huancayo we will probably be in the same mission! Can you tell me that and also his and Abbie’s report dates so I can send them letters while they are in the ccm. Thx! Also if he is in the Chiclayo mission just let him know that in the ccm..... he will get made fun of.... a lot! haha so be prepared. haha I saw a pic of this guys from the Chiclayo mission and he had like 3 inch circles of red sores all over his legs. I asked him what they were from and he said that the mosquitoes in Chiclayo are brutal! haha sorry Bay. I know that’s probably not all that important to you sorry. Love you a ton! Be safe!

Hey boss! (Zach is writing to his dad:)
The transfer has been ok so far. I fit everything in without breaking the suitcases! I haven’t changed clothes for 2 days straight because I don’t wanna undo or mess anything up haha! Last night we stayed in this place and it was super scummy! The bathroom was absolutely filthy and the beds didn’t look too clean either. I survived though! The funny thing is is that’s probably the next 2 years for me haha. Well I love you dad!

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